Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal -

Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

jean claude chalhoub (Companieshouse) is a passionate young businessperson. He possesses incredible personal capabilities and works primarily in the area of insurance and reinsurance. The capacity to speak four or five languages helps him when communicating with clients and customers effectively. He has become the heir of the family business, courtesy of his specialised abilities. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s abilities with communication and comprehension have helped him to maintain the peak amount of understanding and co-operation with the business's clients and associates, together with his family.

Presently, jean claude chalhoub runs and directs the business of insurance and reinsurance that was designed and launched by his father during the 1940's. His family business was expanded to include America, Asia, Africa and Europe. His family background assisted Jean Claude Chalhoub by providing a good base in the corporate environment right from the offset. He has been able to carry out business much more aggressively in global industries and markets due to sturdy business foundations.

Born in the late 50's in Egypt, Jean Claude Chalhoub comes from a corporate lineage. Members of his family made sure he was showered with attention. Jean Claude Chalhoub is the son of an international insurance and reinsurance company owner.


Jean Claude Chalhoub's education assisted him significantly while adapting and learning as a leader and business entrepreneur. From an early age, Jean Claude Chalhoub started his studies in his hometown, being taught by his mother and father and inspired by the country in which he resided. He is capable of building close relationships and understanding customers due to his education and familiarity with the languages that the majority of his customers speak.

Becoming a Member of the Family Business

Due to his perceptive comprehension of the marketplace, Jean Claude Chalhoub has learnt what will make his organisation a success. The understanding he has acquired from the varied roles he has undertaken in the company has given him a deep understanding of all elements. Starting out as a member of staff, Jean Claude Chalhoub was afforded the benefit of studying his father’s routine activities. By taking advantage of this opportunity, he learnt the inner workings of business management. The excellent results acquired in his professional life are due to the priceless experience gained in the early stages of his career.