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05.07 2017

Marvin Edeas Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications - Justia Patents Search

Marvin Edeas - Important Research on HIV

The latency mechanisms of HIV in HIV positive patients, and the activation factors, is an area which he devoted six years to studying at Antoine Béclère Hospital. For his work with HIV, Marvin Edeas (Découvrir le site sur Marvin Edeas) was recognised by Sidaction. At Paris Descartes University, Marvin Edeas underscored the effects of co-infections and oxidative stress in patients suffering with HIV.

Marvin Edeas - a Visiting Professor with the Cochin Institute

Marvin Edeas became a member of a team in control of Cell Proliferation, Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. He works at CNRS, INSERM and Paris Descartes University in the Department responsible for Development, Reproduction and Cancer. The effects of inflammation and oxidative stress in chronic diseases is an area his research focuses on. Since 2016, Marvin Edeas has affiliated with the Paris Descartes University (Cochin Institute) as a visiting professor.

Via the SFA, Marvin Edeas encourages exchanges and collaboration between biologists, researchers, public health actors and doctors, etc. The SFA is devoted to boosting the utilisation of antioxidants in health and nutrition, such as their applications in preventative and therapeutic treatments. Scientific studies on mitochondria, oxidative stress, microbiota, inflammation, differentiation, cell signalling, Nrf2 transcription factors stimulation and their implications in various pathologies are the primary focus of Marvin Edeas’ research. The relationship between mitochondria and microbiota is his main focus.

Marvin Edeas’ Background

Marvin Edeas pursued a program at the Paris-Descartes University on infectious diseases. From 2004 to 2013, he taught at the Paris 13 Bobigny and Poitiers Universities. Marvin Edeas was employed by the Department of Pulmonary Diseases at Armand Trousseau Hospital in the early 90's.

A World-renowned Scientist - Marvin Edeas

His yearly congress, Paris Redox, is not surprisingly led by the Chair of the International Society of Antioxidants (ISANH). Marvin Edeas chairs a variety of scientific committees, including that of the Congress on Targeting Mitochondria, Microbiota, Non-invasive Markers in Various Chronic Pathologies and Glycation & Maillard Reaction. Marvin Edeas collaborates with the Agency of Biomedicine, the Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher-Education, alongside Krakow's National Center for Science.